A Workshop for everyone

This workshop is not only for the athletically minded, because just like pro-athletes, corporate professionals and those raising families, also work under considerable pressures and have expectations that affect the body and mind in the same way.

In a fun & interactive environment, learn the skills that support performance, especially when under significant or prolonged pressure and how they have a remarkable effect on mindset, performance and ultimately happiness.


“Be curious. Let’s see what we can discover together & where it can take you!”

All of Nam Baldwins performance coaching programs begin with the breath, the first thing that changes under pressure, in this workshop Nam will be sharing with you:

  • An understanding of how your breath directly affects the quality of your sleep, energy & emotions.

  • Learning how to breathe correctly.

  • Seeing ‘live’ how your breathing directly affects your heart beat & composure.

  • Regulating your thinking & stress response in high pressure moments.

  • Using the breath & mind to ‘switch’ from a stressed state in to a calm, rejuvenating state.

  • A chance to experience training drills that sharpen your breathing & mindset


"Success is not a destination, it's a process."

From humble beginnings to the world snowboarding stage, 2 time world champion Chumpy will be sharing with you:

  • Key strategies that are a part of his success and mindset

  • How you can perceive challenges and set backs to make you stronger and more adaptable

  • How preparation and training with Nam (or a good performance coach) enhances not only your sport, but all areas of life

  • The "All In" mentality required for a long term professional career that includes a regarding personal life

  • How to bounce back stronger from losses and falling short of goals

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