- First Australian in history to be World Champion in Boardercross

- First male in history to win back to back World Championship Boardercross titles  

- 3 time Winter Olympian


- Flag Bearer for Australia at 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Life & Breath

Brought to you by Nam Baldwin and Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin - A world stage Coach and Athlete duo!

Alex Chumpy Pullin & Nam Baldwin have already been successfully paired as athlete and coach on the World stage, now they have paired up to bring you a workshop like no other!!  


Learn from 2x World Boardercross Champion & Redbull athlete Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin and World Class Performance Coach Nam Baldwin as they cover the mind & body strategies that have placed them at the top of their fields.


This workshop is not only for the athletically minded, because just like pro-athletes, corporate professionals and those raising families, also work under considerable pressures and have expectations that affect the body and mind in the same way.  Learning the skills that support performance, especially when under significant or prolonged pressure will have a remarkable effect on mindset, performance and ultimately happiness.


Chumpy has always loved performing and entertaining a crowd. Through his music, he has played at music festivals here in Australia, as well as many venues around the world, while traveling on the snowboard tour. With over 10 years at the forefront of his sport, his journey from a young Mansfield boy through to now has taught him a great deal. He is so excited to have the opportunity to share it now, through his Guest Speaking appearances. 

Multiple World Titles in his sport are attributed to Chumpy's assertiveness in unlocking the secrets to his ultimate performance.

Chumpy shares his story, experiences and knowledge diving into all things performance, pressure, mindfulness in his ever so powerful Keynote talk. He's passionate about inspiring and motivating people to make a change in their life and use these tools to accomplish their goals and beyond. 

Self marketing, short and long term strategies for not only himself, but his sport as a whole.


- The secrets to perceiving challenges and set backs as an opportunity to improve.

Insight into his preparation that enhances his self control and keeps his focus on the present moment, to perform well even while under extreme pressure, in testing environments.

- Learn how To find the value in each stage of your career and life, to make the most of everyday and never let an opportunity slip by.




It took a great deal of courage and belief to follow his dream of becoming a World Champion snowboarder. At 15 years of age, growing up in the small high country town of Mansfield, VIC in Australia, Chumpy couldn't have been further away from professional snowboarding career, that exists on the other side of the world.


Discover how Chumpy turned each challenge that faced him, into an opportunity to improve. How he learnt to perceive his mistakes as positive feedback and coached himself to World Number 1 and an ongoing professional career.

Key messaging:  

- Self reflection after each testing moment, will ensure progression.

- Don't wait for anyone to chase your goal, make it happen.

- Become a leader, by leading the way


under pressure

Results are just outcomes, it's the journey towards our goals where we really have the opportunity to form ourselves into the people we want to be. That journey, is never ending. Chumpy strongly believes once he realised this, it was then he unlocked not only a higher level of success, but also a more constant state of happiness.


To give himself the best chance at performing his best, on days that decide the results, Chumpy works closely with a few like minded and highly driven people. Together, they create environments in his training sessions that put Chumpy under huge pressure in more than just the physical aspects, but also skill and mental. 

Learn how environments such as this empty lung breath hold session seen here, build a huge amount of trust for Chumpy in his ability. And the confidence and self control it allows him to tap into when faced with other challenges in his career and personal life.


to the chase

Racing 5 other riders to the bottom of the mountain at over 80km/hr and flying off jumps of over 100ft to the landing, its safe to say Boardercross is an action sport. But even though the variables of each run in this sport are forever impossible to predict, Chumpy refuses to blame 'luck' for either good or poor performances. 

There are many uncontrollable's in our careers and life. Using his sport as an example, Chumpy shares how to reflect on each testing moment, to be time efficient at improving our skills and awareness as rapidly as possible.  When opportunities present themselves, you are there and ready. Not only that, you will never miss a valuable lesson as a result of blaming bad luck for a poor performance.

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