I was so attracted to competing from a young age. My dad and I used to race to everything. The nearest tree or racing home on our bikes. It became second nature to test myself that way. When I started snowboarding, there were many different disciplines I competed in, but Boardercross always felt like it tested all of my snowboard skills. Its fast and furious. Racing to me is such a pure form of competition, with no judging, its all down to who crosses the line first. An average speed of 70kph and tops of 100kph. Racing 5 other riders through a course of jumps, rollers and banked turns. Its everything I love about snowboarding combined into one competition. 

The World Cup tour runs from September, starting off in Argentina most years, through till the end of March in the northern hemisphere. With around 10 - 15 events in one tour, its a packed season of travel and competition.

So hit play on the video below to come for a run through one of our tracks with us. Filmed by Cam Bolton following me on a training run in Russia.



With stops all around the world and in such a tight window of 3 months, my training plays a huge part for my preparation.


It's a packed season of travel and competition. With challenges such as lost bags, delayed flights, food poisoning and injury my training is so important so that even when things don't go to plan, I am still ready to perform my best.


I spend a lot of my time training with Nam Baldwin. He has taught me so much and gives me the ability to continually test my fitness, skills and most importantly my mind, all at the same time. We are constantly revising my performance in training sessions, looking for little areas i can improve. This really provides me with great preparation for the competitive season, but also keeps it really fun while we are actually training as well.





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